Among the funds that Alkimia Capital recommends to the clients in the last weeks, we highlight the  following ones:


Kopernic is a global investment fund managed by David Iben, the founder. He was already well-known by his results in Tradewinds as one of the best current Equity Funds manager. His team comes mainly from the asset management Vinik AM, he found Kopernik in 2013. His procedure is based in a global opportunities’ research, with the flexibility to choose from small to bigger companies. Through his features is critical though, often against standard behaviours and an intensive analysis lead in-house.

Alkimia capital started to recommend this fund during 2016, as the market valuations in mining and emerging companies seemed to be an attractive opportunity. The last year’s severe punishments seemed excessive, and some attributes as his own conviction, the correct alignment of the interests and reasonable charges justified the decision. Still today the extend of the fund provides a competitive advantage on his similar competitors, this gives him enough flexibility to keep on adding value to the fund in the future.

Heptagon Kopernik was one of the most efficient global Equity Funds during 2016, with a return on investment over 50%.


Helium Performance is a fund managed by the independent management company Syquant. The fund managers use different alternative strategies, some of which were already part of their first fund Helium Fund when it was launched on 2013. The strategy is expected to have a 6% long term return assuming levels of volatility below 4%, combining Merger Arbitrage, Event Driven and Systematic Long/Short strategies. It pays special attention to the capital preservation and it aims to have a profile return independent of the general evolution of the market.

Alkimia Capital started on 2016 to recommend the fund to some clients with a prudent investment profile, and that could tolerate Alternative UCITS funds in their portfolios. The main reason was the need to find alternative options to the traditional fixed income, as it seemed to offer an asymmetric risk against the traditional investor (low potential, high risk).

Helium Performance was awarded with the UCITS Equity Price 2016 granted by EuroHedge, after offering a return higher than 6% in 2016.


Fund managed by Ruffer, management company created by Jonathan Ruffer in 1994 with a multi-active approach. The main manager’s goal is to preserve the assets in times of pressure, but on the long term to obtain a good return with a moderate risk. To achieve it, he invests in all kinds of assets, from equity funds to inflation linked bonds and gold, in order to obtain a balanced portfolio being able to face any market context. Its main strength is an independent vision of the market forces and a good ability to adjust the portfolio and take advantage of it.

Alkimia Capital has been recommending this fund to the clients with a moderate investment profile since 2016. Its key attraction is the protection that it offers before the macroeconomic and asset valuation risks, without waiving a good profit. The yearly return has been of 9.23%.

The Ruffer Total Return has beaten all its competitors during the last years, subsequently in difficult years as 2008 global basis and 2011 in Europe.